'A Quiet Place' Franchise Is Getting A Spinoff Film

The desolate, alien-plagued world explored in the A Quiet Place franchise will be expanding as Paramount Pictures has announced it will move forward with a spinoff film related to the horror series.

A Quiet Place: Part II debuted to $69 million in its opening week at the US box office and has already made more than $100 million worldwide, becoming one of the biggest hits of the post-pandemic cinema landscape.

With the first film a surprise smash hit and critical success and the early strength of the sequel, it makes sense Paramount would attempt to capitalize on the franchise. Jeff Nichols, who directed Midnight Special and the Oscar-nominated Loving, will take the helm of the new Quiet Place movie.

In addition to the box office success, writer-director John Krasinski's A Quiet Place: Part II has received praise from some big names in the horror industry, with none other than Exorcist director William Friedkin tweeting out his love of the movie.

"A Quiet Place 2 is a classic horror film," Friedkin wrote. "Cinema is back."

Nichols' expansion of the Quiet Place universe is set for a March 2023 release.

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