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A Walk in the Woods movie quotes bring the book of the same name by Bill Bryson to the big screen for a feature film. Directed by Ken Kwapis, the adventure comedy was adapted into a screenplay by Rick Kerb and Bill Holderman. A Walk in the Woods opened in the United States on September 2, 2015.

In A Walk in the Woods, Bill Bryson (Robert Redford) returns to the United States after several years in Europe along with wife Catherine (Emma Thompson). Looking to connect to his homeland in one last adventure, Bill decides he wants to hike 2,000 miles on the Appalachian Trail. Despite many (including R. Keith Harris and Nick Offerman) trying to talk Bill out of the journey, the old man is determined.

So on the urging of Catherine, Bill takes a buddy with him, however, the only person he can get to agree to go is an old friend in poor health named Stephen Katz (Nick Nolte). Bill and Katz set out on their adventure and meet a number of interesting folks along the way (including Mary Steenburgen and Kristen Schaal), but also face some challenges. Can two old men, one in poor health, survive a 2,000-mile journey on foot? You'll have to watch the film to find out.

A Walk in the Woods opens in theaters just in time for Labor Day 2015 alongside other films such as The Transporter: Refueled, No Escape, Z for Zachariah, She's Funny That Way, and We Are Your Friends.
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I Want to Push Myself

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Widow: Thank you for being here. It really means a lot.
Bill: It's our pleasure. Uh, I mean, it's uh not a pleasant time.
Catherine: No, it's uh, we're just very sorry.
Bill: We're very sorry.
Bill: I'm tired of life being all about ailments and funerals. I want to push myself.
Catherine: You want to hike the Appalachian Trail? 2,000 miles? You have gone mad!
Bill: It's my old pop tent.
Catherine: It's the perfect place for you to spend the night.

After an awkward moment at a funeral, Bill decides that he needs one good adventure in his life before he kicks the bucket. His idea of hiking 2,000 miles, however, might be a little out of his range.
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You're Not Doing This Alone

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Catherine: You are not doing this alone!
Bill: How would you like to join me for a little stroll?
Caller One: Not in this lifetime!
Caller Two: Next time, call me for something fun, like a colonoscopy.
Katz: Bryson, it's Katz!
Catherine: Not Stephen Katz! You two ended up on each other's nerves in Europe.
Bill: That was 40 years ago.

On the request of wife Catherine, Bill asks around for someone to accompany him on this adventure. Though most friends decline, one is interested, though the taker is perhaps more ill-equipped for the adventure than Bill.
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You Want to Drive the Appalachian Trail?

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Katz: Screw this. We're not even halfway there.
Bill: No way that's to scale.
Katz: Map to scale! That's it. New plan!
Bill: You want to drive the Appalachian Trail?
Katz: I came out here to be with you. One last adventure before it's too late.
Bill: You can do whatever you want but this is my adventure.
Katz: Fine!
Bill: That's the spirit.

When the men stop for the night, they are discouraged to learnt that they are only a small portion of their way through the hike. Katz has an idea to drive the trail, rather than hike, something Bill is not even going to consider.
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Try Not to Die, Okay?

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Catherine: Good luck! Try not to die, okay?
Bill: We go?
Katz: We go. What goes up, must come down... What the hell happened to down?

Bill and Katz begin their adventure of hiking the Appalachian Trail. Katz starts out pretty optimistic but that changes after only a short distance.
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