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Wild Fan Theories About Aang From 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' That Just Might Be True

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The rich universe of Avatar: The Last Airbender has sparked a lot of discussion and subsequent fan theories from its loyal and creative fans. Here are some of the best ones we could find about Aang; vote up your favorites down below!

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    Appa Passed When Aang Passed

    Photo: Avatar: The Last Airbender / Nickelodeon

    From Redditor u/cduff77

    [Appa] passed when Aang did. They were bound spiritually, like Roku and Fang.

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    Aang Wouldn't Have Survived The Fire Nation Ambush; Going Into An Iceberg Ensured His Survival

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    How soon after Aang ran away did the Fire Nation make a move? If Aang never ran away, would he have been able to master all 4 elements in time?

    From Kirsty Draycott

    Very soon.

    Aang was found to be the avatar by choosing avatar relics from many other toys and raised by Monk Gyatso. He was then told he was the avatar at 12, instead of the normal age of 16, due to the approaching signs of conflict observed by the air nomads.

    Aang ran away shortly after as the pressure was enormous and he was to be moved to Eastern Air Temple and away from Monk Gyatso (who was the only person to show support and understanding for Aang given his prior experience and friendship with Roku).

    After Aang ran away (no definitive dates given for this) the great comet came and Sozin used it to strike a decisive blow - wiping out the air nomads and starting The Hundred Year. Aang was discovered 100 years later so the time between the two should be less than 12 months.

    Had Aang remained he wouldn’t have been able to stop the Fire Lord as he wouldn’t have had time to learn the elements, hadn’t made his connection to the spirit world and his past lives and couldn’t have learned fire bending due to the rising tensions between nations. Due to the power given to fire benders during the comet’s passing, he would have passed along with the other air benders and the next avatar would likely have passed with the water tribe ambushes, leaving the cycle broken.

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    Aang's Time In The Iceberg Shortened His Life Span

    Photo: The Legend of Korra / Nickelodeon

    From Ben Brenner

    While the specific cause is unknown, it is believed that he simply passed naturally.

    Aang passed at a pretty young age of 66. This was because of the strain put on his body as well as his energy from keeping himself on the ice ball for 100 years

    If Aang had not had to have put this strain on his body, he most likely would’ve lived to a much riper age like the other avatars that passed of natural causes (Kyoshi was 230 by the time she passed)

    To conclude, Aang’s body was damaged through the strain put on it while he was on the ice ball for 100 years and could no longer support him.

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    Kuzon Taught Aang A Swear Word

    Photo: Avatar: The Last Airbender / Nickelodeon

    From Redditor u/CyHoot

    I saw a fan theory a few weeks ago that I can’t find. It stated that Kuzon taught Aang that “Flamio good hotman” was a traditional fire nation greeting. The theory says that it was just a gibberish phrase meant as a prank to mess with Aang.

    It’s even better than a gibberish phrase. In LOK, in the scene where Korra and Mako break up, Lin comes out of her office saying “What the flamio happened in here?” Flamio is a swear in Avatar.

    So not only did Kuzon convince Aang to greet everyone with a made up fire nation title, he also got him to swear at everyone he met. Really explains the weird looks Aang got in the fire nation town.

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