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Abandoned Plot Threads From 'Game Of Thrones' That Will Never Be Resolved  

Stephan Roget
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The final season of Game of Thrones promised to wrap up the series’ many story arcs in a satisfying conclusion - but with a fictional world this big, there was no way the series was going to end without some remaining loose ends. There were simply too many characters, too many realms, and too many plot threads for there not to be some questions left unanswered when the song of ice and fire reached its end. 

So many things happened on Game of Thrones that fans can be forgiven if they’ve forgotten entire plot points or character arcs. The events of Season 1 seem like a generation ago, and the show's creators somehow brought up more questions than answers about some fan favorite plots during the series finale. 

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What Was The Point Of The Valonqar Prophecy?
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In Season 5, we flashed-back to Cersei as a teenager and her encounter with fortune teller Maggy the Frog. Maggy correctly predicted that Cersei would have three children - and that all three of them would perish - and also said that a younger, more beautiful queen would take her place. There is another part of the prediction from the books that didn't make the series, but fans were still psyched about it: the prediction that Cersei would have someone "choke the life from" her. This person was said to be a "valonqar," which is High Valarian for "little brother."

After Daenarys burns down all of King's Landing in Season 8 episode 5 ("The Bells"), Cersei perishes in the Red Keep with her brother Jaime. Fans of prophecy were upset. What was the point of including all of the other aspects of the prophecy if this part wasn't going to come true? Sure, you could stretch it and say technically she does die in the arms of a younger brother, but he absolutely did not strangle her. It felt like a disservice to such a prominent character. 

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What Were Jaqen H’Ghar And The Faceless Men Doing In Westeros?
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The character arc of Jaqen H’ghar in Game of Thrones is one of the most difficult to track because it’s impossible to know how many Jaqens have played a role in the story. As a member of the Faceless Men, the original “Jaqen” that Arya Stark encounters in Season 1 is merely wearing one of his many faces, and there’s no telling if the Jaqen she encounters in Braavos is the same individual.

Such as it is, concrete answers about the character of Jaqen H’ghar - including what his purpose in Westeros was and what mission he may have been fulfilling for the Faceless Men - have been few and far between. Arya leaves the House of Black and White firmly in her past as she sails west of Westeros in the series finale, so Jaqen's origin story will forever remain a mystery. 

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Why Did Howland Reed Never Show His Face Until The End?
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From the very first appearance of Meera and Jojen Reed in Season 3 of Game of Thrones - and from the first mention of House Reed in the A Song of Ice and Fire novels long before that - the appearance of their father, Howland, was hotly anticipated. After all, Howland is the only surviving member of the party Ned Stark took with him to “rescue” Lyanna from the Tower of Joy, and thus the only living individual in the story to know the true story of Jon Snow’s origins firsthand. 

Howland is missing in action up until the series finale, where he has somehow made his way on the great counsel who voted Bran in as King. He is never truly introduced, but fans believe he is the unknown man in between Gendry and Sam. 

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What Was The Situation In Dorne?
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The Seven Kingdoms are massive, and some regions have been cut out of the Game of Thrones plot in order to save space in the story. While the semi-autonomous land of Dorne plays a part in several seasons of the series - and has a huge role in the books - all that groundwork appears to be for naught, as the Dornish were basically written out of the show. 

When Ellaria Sand leads a coup against Doran Martell and takes over as ruler of Dorne, it read like a set-up for Dorne to become a major power player in Westeros. Instead, the Dornish arc ends with Ellaria and the Sand Snakes being unceremoniously slain by Euron Greyjoy and Cersei Lannister. There’s no way of knowing what the political situation looks like in Dorne now, and no time left in Game of Thrones to provide answers. 

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