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Abandoned Plot Threads From 'Game Of Thrones' That Will Never Be Resolved

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The final season of Game of Thrones promised to wrap up the series’ many story arcs in a satisfying conclusion - but with a fictional world this big, there was no way the series was going to end without some remaining loose ends. There were simply too many characters, too many realms, and too many plot threads for there not to be some questions left unanswered when the song of ice and fire reached its end. 

So many things happened on Game of Thrones that fans can be forgiven if they’ve forgotten entire plot points or character arcs. The events of Season 1 seem like a generation ago, and the show's creators somehow brought up more questions than answers about some fan favorite plots during the series finale. 

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    Did Jon Snow's True Identity Even Matter?

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    In the penultimate episode of the series, Varys writes letters to unknown recipients revealing Jon Snow's true identity. Drogon burned Varys for his treason, but it felt like somehow, Jon's true lineage would come to light on a larger scale. 

    That doesn't happen. Jon repeatedly refuses the throne when Tyrion suggests he go for it. Even after Jon slays his lover/aunt Dany, he does not want to rule. As the counsel decides who will rule the Seven Kingdoms, Jon Snow's true parentage is never discussed. What was the point? Isn't the secret existence of a Targaryen who served as honorably as Jon a better story than, say, Bran the Broken's?

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    What Exactly Did The White Walkers Want?

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    Audiences discovered that the Children of the Forest created the White Walkers as a means to protect themselves from the First Men. Unfortunately, their magical experiment backfired on them, and the White Walkers turned into entities of destruction. 

    Given how greatly the mystery around the White Walkers was built throughout the series, it feels off that there was never any answer as to what they truly wanted. What was the Night King's goal? Where the wights simply looking out for Number One, or did they want to destroy man for more involved reasons?

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    What Was The Significance Of The Spirals?

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    Since the first episode of the series, audiences witnessed the White Walkers create disturbing spirals out of their victims' bodies. Theories abounded as to what the significance of these spirals were in the show, but as the series wrapped up, it turned out they were mostly just there to be creepy.

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    What About All Those Wight Babies In The North?

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    In the series, Craster gives his male sons to the Night King. These infants are turned into lil' baby wights, and that is all we learned about them. Did these baby wights grow up super fast and serve under the Night King during "The Long Night"? Did they instantly perish like the rest of the wight soldiers if they weren't fighting? Or are there still a bunch of prepubescent wights still wandering around the North?

    Whatever their fate, it felt like a big element to introduce, and it had absolutely no payoff. 

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