Step Inside These Haunting Pictures Of Abandoned Malls Across America

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Mirroring the death of the American middle class, photos of abandoned malls reveal the slow, sad changes undergoing in US culture. Anyone from Middle America during the '80s or '90s remembers hanging out at their local mall, but they probably wouldn't recognize these empty malls at all. Quite different from the way malls looked in the '80s, abandoned malls of today highlight the dreams of another era. Your own local mall may even be on its way towards becoming a husk of its former self, much like the creepy abandoned malls pictured below.

Like so many relics of the past, the American shopping mall is being abandoned, left behind to decompose, overrun with weeds and covered in graffiti like a lowly Blockbuster Video or Six Flags Amusement Parks. Pictures inside abandoned malls depict former shopping centers fallen from glory, overrun with dust, vegetation, and even precipitation. Though definitely creepy, abandoned malls possess a certain curiosity about them as many abandoned buildings do, luring photographers all over into their empty storefronts. If you decide to visit one after class, definitely be careful, but definitely bring a camera too.