Weird History 10 Olympic Venues Left To Unceremoniously Decay  

Rebecca High

The Olympic Games are always a global spectacle, but the cost of hosting an event the entire world will watch comes at a huge and lasting price, as this video shows.

The Olympics are often wooed by cities hoping to draw an influx of tourists and build infrastructure. A lot of construction and renovation goes into massive projects in the decades leading up to the scheduled Games. But after the Olympics are over, structures that can't be repurposed for practical use are often abandoned—or worse.

For example, the 1984 Winter Olympic Sports Complex in Sarajevo was totally demolished during the Bosnian War. All that's left is a piece of concrete with a faded Olympic rings logo on it. The monument has even become part of a modern graveyard.

But, as this video uncovers, some of the sites are even creepier. Watch for more eerie, abandoned Olympics relics.