The Best Characters On 'Abbott Elementary'

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If you love the 2021 ABC mockumentary sitcom Abbott Elementary, then cast your votes in for the best Abbott Elementary characters. The hilarious Abbott Elementary cast features multi-talented actors, like Quinta Brunson, Tyler James Williams, Janelle James, and Zack Fox, as well as film and television veterans, like Sheryl Lee Ralph and Lisa Ann Walter. Which cast members do you think best portray the resilient, quirky, and passionate spirit of the teachers and staff at this chaotic elementary school?  

Vote up your favorite characters on ABC's Abbott Elementary, and vote down the ones you would send to detention.

  • Barbara Howard
    Photo: Abbott Elementary / ABC
    62 votes

    Barbara Howard

    Position: Kindergarten Teacher

    Our job is to build them up, make them confident. Is it nice to have stuff? Sure. But my students do not need to feel less than because they do not have stuff. So we talk about what they do have, not about what they don't.

    Played By: Sheryl Lee Ralph

  • Melissa Schemmenti
    Photo: Abbott Elementary / ABC
    62 votes

    Melissa Schemmenti

    Position: Second Grade Teacher

    I got plenty of classroom supply plugs to keep me stocked up on whatever I need. it’s not my fault youse didn't want in to the deal.

    Played By: Lisa Ann Walter

  • Ava Coleman
    Photo: Abbott Elementary / ABC
    68 votes

    Ava Coleman

    Position: Principal

    Step was my thing in college! Certainly wasn’t academics. I hate school.

    Played By: Janelle James

  • Janine Teagues
    Photo: Abbott Elementary / ABC
    45 votes

    Janine Teagues

    Position: Second Grade Teacher

    I don't want to wait for someone to get to it. You know, our children have needs that deserve to be met. And I'm going to fix this. Nothing is going to get in my way.

    Played By: Quinta Brunson

  •  Mr. Johnson
    Photo: Abbott Elementary / ABC
    45 votes

    Mr. Johnson

    Position: Custodian

    A stakeout needs two people. Think, boy! Who’s gonna watch all the crime stuff while the other one eats a hoagie?

    Played By: William Stanford Davis

  •  Gregory Eddie
    Photo: Abbott Elementary / ABC
    51 votes

    Gregory Eddie

    Position: Substitute First Grade Teacher

    Gregory is a Baltimore Ravens fan, a Grape Nuts fan although they can get a bit sugary…and a temporary teacher.

    Played By: Tyler James Williams