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Turbulent Stories From The Production Of ABC’s ‘Lost’

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Like the plane crash that kicked off the series and the relationships between the characters that defined it, Lost was incredibly turbulent behind the scenes. Airing from 2004 to 2010, the ABC drama took full advantage of the growing industry of TV reviews and the emergence of dedicated online fandom communities. With its complex characters, interwoven backstories, and mystery-box storytelling, the series was practically designed for speculation and theories.

In the end, this left many disappointed with the show's resolution, but the viewers weren't the only ones with mixed opinions on the series. Many of the actors involved with Lost have spoken up since the show concluded, revealing plenty of behind-the-scenes drama and trauma. From unsanitary working conditions to uncomfortable scenes, the cast endured plenty of struggles while filming the hit show.

  • Daniel Roebuck Almost Lost His Face To A Giant Centipede

    The Season 3 episode "Expose" centers around Nikki and Paolo, the detested couple that most Lost fans have blocked from their memories. However, the episode does contain one infamous moment, in which Arzt, played by Daniel Roebuck, brings a giant centipede near his face.

    As CGI was still a developing art at the time, the creature was real, although it was far from thrilled about its part on the show. As Roebuck told Mental Floss, “It took two entomologists to keep the centipede from ripping off my face. They had to restrain it between takes!”

  • Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje Was So Unhappy With His Character, He Asked To Be Written Off The Show

    Though Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje was initially unhappy with playing yet another kingpin - after first being pitched the character of a humble priest - he grew to love the complex backstory of Mr. Eko. Ultimately, however, Akinnuoye-Agbaje asked to leave the show, as he felt Eko's arc was already well-rounded.

    As Akinnuoye-Agbaje told Entertainment Weekly in 2006, "...the character was complete. It was such a well-written episode that I knew I would be able to sew him up in a season.”

  • 42 Straight Days Of Rain Flooded The Set - Which Was Downhill From A Pig Farm

    Filming in Oahu, HI, led to many beautiful shots, but the location also caused plenty of production problems. Executive producer and co-showrunner Carlton Cuse told Mental Floss about the set's 42 consecutive days of rain, which proved to be a nightmare during filming. According to Cuse, “[The crew] had an incredibly hard time [filming] because everything was so wet and the mud was thigh-deep."

    The set flooded on numerous other occasions, but the excess water wasn't the only issue - according to Eric Lange, who played Stuart Radzinsky, the production's location downhill from a pig farm was rather unfortunate: “After it rained, no one dared to touch the ground and sanitary wipes were passed around!”

  • Anthony Spinner Sued ABC For Using Ideas From His Failed 1977 Script, ‘L.O.S.T.’

    TV screenwriter Anthony Spinner pitched an idea to ABC in 1977 for a show called L.O.S.T., which followed a group of eight people whose plane goes down on a deserted island. ABC passed, deeming it too expensive. Spinner tried again in the '90s but met similar results. So, when Lloyd Braun's idea for Lost became a reality in 2004, Spinner felt he had been ripped off.

    Spinner sued ABC but ultimately lost when it was determined those involved with Lost had no idea L.O.S.T.  had ever existed. Braun likely had no way of knowing about a script that had been passed on so many years prior. Additionally, the title and the deserted island concept were the only similarities between the two shows.