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A Timeline Of The Entire ‘Abducted in Plain Sight’ Case

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The 2017 documentary Abducted in Plain Sight took the internet by storm after its release on Netflix. Abducted in Plain Sight tells the story of Jan Broberg, a young girl taken by a family friend from her Pocatello, ID, home in the 1970s, and how her captor went through her parents to get what he wanted.

Robert "B" Berchtold developed an obsession with Jan when she was a prepubescent girl, an infatuation that led to two kidnappings, two extramarital affairs, brainwashing, and other mind-bending twists over more than 30 years. 

An in-depth timeline can help those interested in this true crime documentary better understand how Berchtold was able to compel two adults into allowing him unfettered access to their child. From their initial meeting to a final confrontation, the intertwined stories of Jan and "B" are fascinating - especially when laid out chronologically.

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