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There's A Demon That Left Heaven With The Devil

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According to ancient texts, the Devil is evil incarnate and the antithesis of God. Alongside the Devil himself, however, rides another fallen angel by the name of Abezethibou. But who is Abezethibou? Few are familiar with this obscure demon, as he only makes himself known when King Solomon summons Satan in the pseudepigrapha titled the Testament of Solomon.

Although the Bible is typically thought of as the final word of God in Christian circles, countless stories have been excluded from the book's pages over the ages. Aside from what's written in the scripture, you may already know, outside writings have introduced epic events complete with various demons and deities. The tale of Abezethibou lies within one of these forgotten scriptures.

In the Testament of Solomon, the demon Abezethibou introduces himself as a hostile threat to God and anyone choosing to follow him. Unbeknownst to the prophet at the time, Abezethibou was one of the demons Moses fought - the very one that secretly convinced the pharaoh to harden himself towards Moses in the Book of Exodus. Abezethibou rules over some segments of the underworld, thwarting God's profit at every opportunity. Of the many hostile angels to wreak havoc upon the world, Abezethibou proves to be a particularly devious foe.

  • He's A Powerful And Persuasive Sorcerer

     He's A Powerful And Persuasive Sorcerer
    Photo: Gustave Doré / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    When Abezethibou explains his evil-doings to King Solomon, he portrays himself as cunning and sly. He brags of his sorcery and magic, claiming to be far superior to Moses in every way. The former angel even has the power to shift ideas in his favor.

    Abezethibou is also a master of performing miracles, wonders, and signs, and can lend these powers to others.

  • He Convinced The Pharaoh To Ignore Moses

    He Convinced The Pharaoh To Ignore Moses
    Photo: Master of the Dinteville Allegory / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    One of Abezethibou's main accomplishments is making Moses's life miserable. In the Testament of Solomon, Abezethibou claims he was the source of the anguish and turmoil Moses encountered in the Bible's Book of Exodus. The demon confesses he's the one who hardened the pharaoh's heart against Moses, catalyzing Moses to lead an exodus and convincing the ruler to follow their trail.

    Abezethibou describes himself to Solomon as a hostile adversary to Moses, even saying he is better at "[performing] wonders and signs." Abezethibou takes joy in antagonizing God's followers due to his intense hatred of God himself.

  • He Helped The Magicians Ward Off Moses

    He Helped The Magicians Ward Off Moses
    Photo: Gerard Hoet (1648–1733) and others, published by P. de Hondt / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    In the Book of Exodus, Jannes and Jambres claim to be sorcerers and magicians. The pair perform the same magic that Moses previously showed the pharaoh, in an attempt to prove Moses a fake. But Abezethibou's account in the Testament of Solomon claims these two magicians had a bit of help from the outside. 

    Abezethibou tells Solomon he was the one who aided them in their sorcery. When they called for help against God's miracle-worker, Abezethibou was there to lend his powers.

  • He Crossed The Red Sea With The Egyptians

    As Moses's primary adversary, Abezethibou claims he didn't miss the opportunity to follow him across the Red Sea. When Moses fled with the Israelites across the parted waters, Abezethibou says he went after him, calling for the pharaoh to follow.