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There's A Demon That Left Heaven With The Devil

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According to ancient texts, the Devil is evil incarnate and the antithesis of God. Alongside the Devil himself, however, rides another fallen angel by the name of Abezethibou. But who is Abezethibou? Few are familiar with this obscure demon, as he only makes himself known when King Solomon summons Satan in the pseudepigrapha titled the Testament of Solomon.

Although the Bible is typically thought of as the final word of God in Christian circles, countless stories have been excluded from the book's pages over the ages. Aside from what's written in the scripture, you may already know, outside writings have introduced epic events complete with various demons and deities. The tale of Abezethibou lies within one of these forgotten scriptures.

In the Testament of Solomon, the demon Abezethibou introduces himself as a hostile threat to God and anyone choosing to follow him. Unbeknownst to the prophet at the time, Abezethibou was one of the demons Moses fought - the very one that secretly convinced the pharaoh to harden himself towards Moses in the Book of Exodus. Abezethibou rules over some segments of the underworld, thwarting God's profit at every opportunity. Of the many hostile angels to wreak havoc upon the world, Abezethibou proves to be a particularly devious foe.

  • He's Trapped In A Pillar Of Air

    When the Red Sea closed upon Abezethibou and the pharaoh's army, Abezethibou became trapped in a pillar of air. The demon Ephippas eventually raises Abezethibou and his pillar from the depths of the waters and brings them to King Solomon.

    The king is less than kind; after confirming Abezethibou's identity through a quick interview, Solomon condemns him to support the pillar until the end of time.

  • Solomon Adds A Second Demon To His Pillar 

    As the story goes, King Solomon sends the demon Ephippas to call upon Abezethibou. Together, Ephippas and Abezethibou lift the giant pillar into the air. Solomon binds them there beneath the pillar for all time.

    In response, the two demons leave Solomon with a cryptic omen: they will hold the pillar for as long as God lives, but on the day they drop it, the entire world will come to an end.

  • Satan Claims Abezethibou Will Return 

    Satan Claims Abezethibou Will Return 
    Photo: Gustave Doré / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    When King Solomon approaches Beelzebub and asks about Abezethibou, the Devil reveals he knows Abezethibou very well. In essence, he tells Solomon not to worry about the lesser demon. Beelzebub explains that Abezethibou will rise again to wreak his chaos when he pleases.

    Even though Beelzebub won't fetch him, he assures the king that Abezethibou shows himself according to his own free will.

  • Abezethibou's Pillar Could Be A Reference To The Milky Way

    When Abezethibou and Ephippas are bound to an enormous pillar by King Solomon, the appearance of it is given a unique description: when they lift the pillar, it looks to be suspended in the sky by the wind.

    The pillar turns the sky an opaque color so it can be seen with the naked eye. This could be an origin story for the Milky Way.