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There's A Demon That Left Heaven With The Devil

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According to ancient texts, the Devil is evil incarnate and the antithesis of God. Alongside the Devil himself, however, rides another fallen angel by the name of Abezethibou. But who is Abezethibou? Few are familiar with this obscure demon, as he only makes himself known when King Solomon summons Satan in the pseudepigrapha titled the Testament of Solomon.

Although the Bible is typically thought of as the final word of God in Christian circles, countless stories have been excluded from the book's pages over the ages. Aside from what's written in the scripture, you may already know, outside writings have introduced epic events complete with various demons and deities. The tale of Abezethibou lies within one of these forgotten scriptures.

In the Testament of Solomon, the demon Abezethibou introduces himself as a hostile threat to God and anyone choosing to follow him. Unbeknownst to the prophet at the time, Abezethibou was one of the demons Moses fought - the very one that secretly convinced the pharaoh to harden himself towards Moses in the Book of Exodus. Abezethibou rules over some segments of the underworld, thwarting God's profit at every opportunity. Of the many hostile angels to wreak havoc upon the world, Abezethibou proves to be a particularly devious foe.

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    Abezethibou Is A Fallen Angel

    Within the Testament of Solomon, Abezethibou introduces himself. Prior to that point, others refer to him as "the Demon from the Red Sea." When Abezethibou speaks to Solomon, he confesses he is especially hostile because he isn't just a demon, but a fallen angel

    Before his demon days, Abezethibou praised God alongside the rest, living in the first Heaven, which he called Amelouth. After his fall, however, he says he began to dwell on Earth, disfigured and vengeful.

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    He Left Heaven With The Devil, Beelzebub 

    When Beelzebub left Heaven, he wasn't alone. In the Testament of Solomon, Beelzebub explains to Solomon that, during the fall, Abezethibou departed alongside him. Angry and vengeful, Abezethibou became a demon of the Earth in the aftermath.

    As Beelzebub says, however, lesser angels will never outrank him as the ruler of all demons. As the highest-ranking fallen angel, and the only one that remains unbound, Beelzebub will inevitably continue his reign.

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    He's Characterized By His Single Red Wing

    Abezethibou is a demon with a single red wing, as he took on a mutated form after his descent from Heaven. When leaving, Abezethibou didn't have the same luck as Beelzebub. To keep him from falling, the other angels desperately grabbed for Abezethibou, taking hold of one of his wings. But instead of restraining him, the act ripped the wing from Abezethibou's body.

    The process caused Abezethibou's surviving appendage to change into a monstrous, dark red wing.

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    In Hell, He Rules Over Tartarus

    Beelzebub explains to Solomon in the pseudepigrapha that Hell utilizes a type of unorganized hierarchy. Abezethibou plays a pivotal role in this hierarchy, even living in his unique home in the demon world, the Greek abyss of Tartarus.

    Tartarus serves as a dungeon to punish wicked souls and a cage to house the banished Titans.