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About Last Night Movie Quotes

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"About Last Night" movie quotes bring the laughs in the romantic comedy that addresses what happens after two adults meet and hook up. A remake of the 1986 film of the same name, which was based on the 1974 David Mamet play, the movie was directed by Steve Pink using a screenplay by Leslye Headland. "About Last Night" opened in theaters on February 14, 2014.

In "About Last Night," Bernie Jackson (Kevin Hart) and Danny Martin (Michael Ealy) are best friends as are Joan Derrickson (Regina Hall) and Debbie Sullivan (Joy Bryant). Bernie and Joan meet one night at the club and immediately hit it off, going home together and quickly becoming a couple. They introduce their best friends Danny and Debbie to one another and those two begin dating as well.

Things get complicated for the four though when Bernie and Joan have a nasty split while Debbie and Danny grow closer together. As the four friends try to cope with the new dynamic, everyone involved reacts to the changes in their own ways.

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    Too Damn Good Looking

    Too Damn Good Looking
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    Bernie: "You need to go find you a nice looking female. Take her back to your place. Turn her out. You know what your problem is? You're too damn good looking."
    Danny: "What?"
    Bernie: "Best thing that could happen to your face is an industrial accident."

    Bernie explains, or tries his best to, exactly why Danny is single. In an odd portrayal of logic, Bernie suggests that Danny is too good looking and should ugly himself up for better success.
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    So Tell Me

    So Tell Me
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    Danny: "So tell me."
    Bernie: "Tell you what?"
    Danny: "About last night"
    Bernie: "I meet this girl. She gets drunk. I get drunk. We go back to my place. I made her feel like good and evil hung in the balance."

    Joan: "So this Bernie's got a pair. It's ladies night. I'm down. I'm talking dirty. I am impressing myself."

    After the night when Bernie and Joan meet (and quickly get down to business), both tell their best friends about their experiences. They both had a great time but it might be too soon to tell where the relationship will go.
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    Who Said 'I Love You' First?

    Who Said 'I Love You' First?
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    Debbie: "God I love you."
    Danny: "I love you too."

    Bernie: "No, no, no! Who said, 'I love you,' first?"
    Danny: "She did."
    Bernie: "Women approach that phrase with a tactical strategy normally reserved for an anti-terrorist strike team. That was no accident. That was an ambush!"

    Joan: "Disaster!"
    Debbie: "Is it that bad to be the first one to say it?"
    Joan: "Yes it is! Whoever says, 'I love you,' first… Let's just disappear! Go into witness protection because you're screwed!"

    Both sets of friends react after Debbie and Danny share "I love yous." Neither the men nor the ladies see that as a good thing with Joan even going as far to say they need witness protection.
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    No Magic in That Mini-Mite

    No Magic in That Mini-Mite
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    Joan: "Who are you waving those singles at?"
    Bernie: "Joan!"
    Joan: "There ain't no magic in that mini-mite."

    Following a breakup, Joan is not excited to see Bernie at a costume party, especially since he's dressed as a stripper and a woman is waving singles at him. Clearly there is unfinished drama between Joan and Bernie and it's about to come to blows.
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