The Legendary ‘Well To Hell’ Is A Russian Borehole Said To Be Filled With Screaming, Tormented Souls

During the Cold War, America and Russia competed in almost every area possible, including drilling into the Earth in search of oil. While America stalled, Russia slowly drilled into a peninsula over the course of many years in order to bore the deepest hole in the world. What they did not plan on was creating an alleged gateway to hell that spawned legends and much speculation.

Their discovery of the so-called "Well to Hell" ground their drilling to a halt as agonizing screams emanated from the hole in the Siberian wilderness. According to legend, they lowered a microphone into the chasm and captured the sounds of torment on a tape recording. Scientists and workers reportedly fled the scene, and some witnesses even required medical attention. Did Russia really open a portal to the underworld on that fateful day in 1989, or is the legend's genesis simply a ruse to overshadow the actual accomplishments of the dig?