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The 30 Most Ridiculous Comic Book Characters Ever

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For every Spider-Man, Batman, Superman or Wolverine there's a Robin and a Sentry and a Hawkeye. And those guys are also great. But for every Hawkeye there's also an Aqualad or *shudder* Matter-Eater.

Those Heroes and Villains so lame they rarely last an issue. Those ideas we can't believe got past the idea stage, much less past the drawing board and into our comics. Some of these characters even became cult favorites... somehow (looking at you Maggot and Bat-Mite). 

These are the 31 Comics Characters no one takes seriously, vote up the most ridiculous.
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    Dogwelder welds DOGS to people's faces. That's right. Dogs. He punishes criminals by welding a dog to their face.
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    • Arm Fall Off Boy has the amazing ability to detach his arm to use as a weapon. 
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        Eye Scream

        Say his name out loud... Eye Scream can turn into any flavor of ice cream, and is assisted by an unstable molecule refrigeration system.
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          Hindsight Lad

          Yet another lad... and his power is to say "I told you so". That's it. 
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