Law Enforcement Officials Describe Absurd Scenes They Just Stumbled Upon

Some people refuse to call the police in emergency situations. It makes sense; certain groups have been unfairly and systematically persecuted by law enforcement officials. Obviously, there's no trust. Cops stumble upon scenes that require immediate attention because of that lack of trust, though. Law enforcement and emergency medical officials on Reddit are very familiar with these absurd occurrences. It's troubling to imagine the number of situations that remain unresolved because the police were never involved in the situation.

  • He Cut His Head While Breaking Into A Trailer

    From Redditor /u/Smalltowncop:

    I was responding to a disturbance call in a trailer park that turned out to be BS. As I was leaving I noticed a giant puddle of blood on the ground near a different trailer. Upon further inspection I realized that there was blood all over one of the doors complete with smeared hand prints and blood dripping off the door knob. It looked like a fucking massacre!

    I started pounding on the door and this junkie came out and started yelling at me for waking her up. I asked her if she was hurt, and she said she wasn't. She then proceeded to go ape-shit about all the blood. She has no idea where it came from.

    I followed the ungodly amount of blood to a trailer about a block down where there was a giant party taking place. I ask the group of guys standing outside where the injured person was and they all go G-code on me and say they don't know what I am talking about (while standing in the blood trail). I pushed passed and continued down the road to Oz where at the end of it I found a guy in what used to be an all white outfit but was now dark red. He was attempting to control his massive head bleed on his own.

    I later discovered that he had been trying to break into the other trailer when he drunkenly cut his head on the window he broke.

  • She Thought There Were Bones In Her Backyard For 15 Years

    From Redditor /u/onionionion

    My father was a village police man in he UK during the '80s, so this is his story.

    A lady bought a house and after many weeks getting settled, she turned her attention to the garden. She started digging into some flower beds, but as she was working she came across some small bones in the dirt, baby sized bones.

    The house used to belong to a doctor, so the lady put two and two together and assumed he was a child murderer or maybe did some off-the-books abortions back in the day. This lady was shocked and terrified that her new home could be tainted by this horrible past, but she didn't call the police... Instead she just avoided the garden. Completely. The whole thing weighed heavily on her mind as the years went by... 5, 10, 15 years (I forget how long exactly but it was at least a decade) until one day she couldn't take it anymore and called the police to report the bones.

    My dad went out to investigate, and she showed him roughly where they were. He dug around a little (this was the 80s, and apparently they were less concerned with disturbing evidence) and finds not a dead baby, but a small plastic skeleton.

    Poor woman had been living with guilt and fear for decades because of a kids toy.

  • Someone Poured Water On A Deceased Man To Keep Him Warm

    From Redditor /u/MonkeyManJohannon

    I'm a former LEO... I was driving home from a late shift when I decided to stop for breakfast at Waffle House. I noticed a few people flagging me down as I pulled into the parking lot, which was shared by an auto repair shop. They pointed me to the back so I pulled over and turned my spotlight on.

    On the backside of the repair shop there was a dumpster, and there was a man laying down beside it behind the fence. I could see his feet. Then another homeless man walked out with a bowl and literally walked right by my car toward Waffle House (he was soaked).

    So I walked over to the man laying down, and he was unresponsive. EMTs arrived, and the guy was dead. I still to this day have no idea how or why. I asked the homeless guy waiting next to Waffle House what happened and he said "He was out cold, I was pouring water on him to keep him warm..."

    The video from the auto shop showed the guy walking then collapsing next to the dumpster (he wasn't shot or anything so who knows, heart attack, stroke, something). This homeless man walked over to a water hose beside the waffle house, filled a bowl up and poured water on him because it was slightly cool outside and he didn't want him to get too cold.

  • A Drug User Threw A Sofa Cushion To Get People's Attention

    From Redditor /u/Theycallme-MrPig

    Driving along a suburban road one night, a guy wearing only his underwear ran up to our cop car and threw a very large sofa cushion at us. As we slowed down to find out why he threw said cushion, he tried to jump into the back of the car. We got out and had a chat with the poor guy who told us he had used an 8-ball of poor quality cocaine and wanted to get our attention to help him.

    The kicker was that he had been running around the suburban streets all drugged up for about 30 minutes, and no one thought it was odd enough to call us. To be fair, it wasn't the nicest area

  • There Was A Quadruple Murder

    From Redditor /u/dallken

    There was a quadruple murder in a residential area here in Sweden back in 1980. Several witnessed heard and saw the incident. The attacker shot a girl by accident and then shot another guy in the following moments. The killer fired his gun a total of 12 times over the course of several hours. He stabbed two others to death with a kitchen knife. He finished everything off with dragging the girl outside so that someone would find her and call paramedics, since he felt guilty for killing her. But [he] realized while dragging her that she was dead, and nothing could be done, so he threw her down an elevator shaft. The whole ordeal lasted for four hours and no one called the cops, even though 12 shot were fired and people screamed.

    The killer was arrested two days later, and he was killed 18 years later by the son of the first victim.

  • People Smoked Cigarettes While A Man Died At Their Feet

    From Redditor /u/Bedheadredhead30

    I'm a paramedic, but I think this fits. My partner and I were at our post, which was in the parking lot of a strip mall with a bunch of stores and one bar. The bar was known to be pretty sketchy. My partner was taking a little nap around 1 am, and I was watching a movie on my phone, waiting for a call. Eventually I noticed a few people coming out of the bar and just sort of lingering in the parking lot. A few more people came out, one lit up a cigarette and they all just stood around. I went back to my movie, and 20 minutes later I noticed there was now a much larger group lingering outside of the bar. Nothing strange was happening, but I thought it was weird that they'd all been there for so long so I decided to check it out.

    I woke up my pissed off partner to have him pull our rig closer to the group. As we approach with our lights on, the group noticed us and started to break apart. A few people scattered, and I saw that in the middle of the group there was a person on the ground motionless. My partner and I jumped out and asked what was going on. Somebody in the group goes, "This guy is wasted. He just stumbled out here and fell asleep on the ground." I shouted to the man on the ground, and he didn't respond. I checked for a pulse and there was none. I started CPR while my partner got our jump bag and notified dispatch. For a full 30 minutes, people had just stood around looking at this dead guy on the ground, some smoking cigarettes, none doing anything about it. There wasn't even a noticeable commotion. Nobody asked if he needed help or called anybody, and they probably never would have.

    The guy was cool to the touch by the time we got to him, down for at least 30 minutes. We went through the motions, but there was no saving him. We transported him, and he was pronounced at the hospital within 15 minutes.

    How f*cking hard is it to ask someone if they are okay? Or to dial 911? How was not one single person in that group not alarmed by seeing a man "sleeping" on the ground in a parking lot?