How Should Americans Protest if They Actually Want to Make a Difference?

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Vote up the forms of political self-expression that you think will produce actual changes in the U.S.

Protesting has never been about being liked. Whether peaceful protests were being led by Dr. King, or furious protests were descending into leaderless, lawless riot, they’ve always been about sending a message. But in an age where everyone so desperately wants to be liked, acceptable forms of protest are now something that people are discussing. Running parallel to this is the need to appeal to everyone. How is that possible when the entire point of a protest is to air a grievance in the hope of creating a systemic change?

These days in particular, seemingly every time someone protests - whether it's over racial bias in policing or the right to bear arms - whole swaths of America are offended by the very act of protesting.  So how are Americans protest in order to avoid being immediately written off by the very people they're hoping will rally to their cause?

Vote on the forms of political self-expression that are most likely to have a real impact on policy in America today.

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  • Contacting Representatives in Congress
    66 votes

    Contacting Representatives in Congress

  • Boycotting Businesses
    69 votes

    Boycotting Businesses

  • Signing a Mass Petition
    61 votes

    Signing a Mass Petition

  • Holding Round Table Discussions
    53 votes

    Holding Round Table Discussions

  • Writing Op-Eds
    50 votes

    Writing Op-Eds

  • Filing Lawsuits
    61 votes

    Filing Lawsuits