Graveyard Shift

These People Accidentally Hung Themselves In Stunts And Pranks Gone Very, Very Wrong

Most people have heard about live-streamed deaths and accidental death by hanging cases, but they're commonly believed to be nothing more than an urban legend. After all, how many stories about people who died trying to hang themselves for a prank could actually be true? Surprisingly, the stories you've heard about people accidentally killing themselves aren't just a myth. In fact, there have been several instances involving people trying to do a stunt or pull a prank with a noose that ended in death. 

Accidental hanging deaths are completely avoidable, which makes these tragedies even worse. Put simply, there is no such thing as a safe way to pretend that you're being hanged, especially when you're utilizing a thick rope and noose. Sadly, most of the people on this list who hung themselves as a prank were teenagers. One thing that can be learned from all of these cases is the importance of never letting a prank or stunt get in the way of safety and common sense.