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These People Accidentally Hung Themselves In Stunts And Pranks Gone Very, Very Wrong

Most people have heard about live-streamed deaths and accidental death by hanging cases, but they're commonly believed to be nothing more than an urban legend. After all, how many stories about people who died trying to hang themselves for a prank could actually be true? Surprisingly, the stories you've heard about people accidentally killing themselves aren't just a myth. In fact, there have been several instances involving people trying to do a stunt or pull a prank with a noose that ended in death. 

Accidental hanging deaths are completely avoidable, which makes these tragedies even worse. Put simply, there is no such thing as a safe way to pretend that you're being hanged, especially when you're utilizing a thick rope and noose. Sadly, most of the people on this list who hung themselves as a prank were teenagers. One thing that can be learned from all of these cases is the importance of never letting a prank or stunt get in the way of safety and common sense. 

  • Caleb Charles Rebh Died While People Watched

    A haunted hayride in Sparta, MI, became the scene of a gruesome accident in 2001. Caleb Charles Rebh was a huge fan of Halloween and haunted houses, and he volunteered to work for free at a local hayride. During his first shift, he made the unfortunate decision to switch places with a skeleton that was hanging from a tree. Because the 14-year-old didn't weigh enough, the tree whipped the rope back. This instantly caused the noose to tighten and Rebh reportedly thrashed around in an attempt to save himself.

    Sadly, having this type of accident at a haunted attraction means that customers and staff may think someone who is in serious trouble is only acting. That appears to be the case as people watched Rebh hang to death without trying to intervene. 

  • 11-Year-Old Died Staging A YouTube Prank To Scare His Mom

    In September 2016, an 11-year-old boy decided to imitate a YouTube video he had recently seen. The video depicted someone pretending to hang himself in order to scare his mother. Shockingly, the video is still available, although it has been edited to include a warning at the beginning, telling people not to try the stunt at home. Sadly, this warning came too late for the Georgia boy. The family's other children had observed the 11-year-old as he attempted the stunt, but by the time they realized he was not breathing, the damage had been done. He spent four days in a coma before passing away. 

  • William Smith Tried To Cheer Up His Family With A Prank That Turned Deadly

    William Smith's family faced two tragedies within five months of each other between 2014 and 2015. The 14-year-old British boy had been grieving the loss of his mother, who passed away from cancer. However, he was also reportedly moving forward and wasn't showing any signs of depression or suicidal ideation. When Smith's grandmother and two siblings went out to lunch, he apparently decided to stage a stunt.

    He was known to be a prankster who loved to make his family laugh. Therefore, it's quite likely Smith thought the initial scare of seeing him "hanging" would lead to a comical performance. Unfortunately, something went wrong with the prank and his grandmother found his dead hanging body instead

  • Jordan Morlan Paid The Ultimate Price For Pulling A Halloween Prank

    The Morlan family had a noose as part of their Halloween decor in 2013. Kentucky teenager Jordan Morlan reportedly saw this as a great way to pull a prank on his little sister. After getting in position, the 16-year-old accidentally allowed the noose to pull too tightly around his neck. By the time his distraught sister had gotten their mom's attention, Morlan had already passed out. They called 911 and the ambulance rushed Morlan to the hospital. He remained in a comatose state until organ failure claimed his life approximately 12 hours after the accident.