25 'Accidental' Texts That Were Definitely Sent On Purpose

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We've all sent a text with a typo or to the wrong person. I like to call these 'fat finger moments.' But there are some supposedly accidental texts that don't pass the smell test. Be it a failed flirtation or an unwanted 'personal' photo, you can see more of these clearly intentional texts can be seen on the subreddit r/oopsdidntmeanto

Photo: u/Gucci-Gangstee / Reddit

  • 1. That 'Friends' Gif Changes Nothing

    That 'Friends' Gif Changes Nothing
    Photo: u/Idfk-_-idfk / Reddit
    1,170 votes
  • 2. She Was Right To Screenshot

    She Was Right To Screenshot
    Photo: u/crackc0kane / Reddit
    980 votes
  • 3. Classic Mix-Up

    Classic Mix-Up
    Photo: u/black_linings / Reddit
    858 votes
  • 4. Very Normal Interaction

    Very Normal Interaction
    Photo: u/poutyprincessa / Reddit
    636 votes
  • 5. A Creep Is Gonna Creep

    A Creep Is Gonna Creep
    Photo: u/bonniebadlass / Reddit
    933 votes
  • 6. An Artist Doesn't Confess

    An Artist Doesn't Confess
    Photo: u/FrostyFurry / Reddit
    744 votes