27 Accidentally Sent Texts That Were Totally Sent On Purpose

We've all had a fat finger moment, where you send a text to the wrong person. But there are some people who will intentionally send a dirty photo, get rejected, and then say sending the photo was an mishap. They would never send you a dirty photo! These are obvious lies and it hurts to see them. The subreddit r/OopsDidntMeanTo is chock-ful of these not-at-all "accidental" selfies, texts, and corporate shenanigans. Here are some of the most egregious examples. 

  • 1. He Said He Wasn't Cheating

    He Said He Wasn't Cheating
    Photo: u/mrlongwood05 / Reddit
  • 2. Accidentally Made Sponsored Content!

    Accidentally Made Sponsored Content!
    Photo: u/ergoegthatis / Reddit
  • 3. Fake Accidents Are A Global Issue

    Fake Accidents Are A Global Issue
    Photo: u/sionnach- / Reddit
  • 4. Insert "Sure Jan" Gif Here

    Insert "Sure Jan" Gif Here
    Photo: u/WhatTheJamo / Reddit