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The Most Accurate Movies About Irish History

Updated 17 Mar 2020 8.3k views15 items

Nobody can accuse Irish history of being simple. While it's full of dramatic rebellions, bitter oppression, artistic triumphs, and stunning endurance, one could be forgiven for getting hopelessly lost among the ancient grudges and internecine conflicts. 

In cases like these, Irish history movies can be invaluable resources. Want a deeper understanding of the 1981 hunger strike? Check out the award-winning Hunger, directed by Steve McQueenCurious about how Ireland's military conflicts affected the average citizen? Ken Loach's Palme d'Or-winning The Wind That Shakes the Barley may be useful. In the mood for a touching story about Irish immigrants coming to New York? Brooklyn is the Oscar-nominated story of a young Irish immigrant.

The best movies about Irish history are not simply educational aids, however. The movies on this list are also world-recognized works of art that use historical circumstances to craft intimate portraits of characters struggling within their historical circumstances. While it's not difficult to mine drama from events like the Troubles or the Irish Potato Famine, these movies balance high-stakes drama with deep attention to historical accuracy.

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