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17 Scientific, Historic, And Culturally Accurate Details In Pixar Movies

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When you're watching a Pixar movie, it may not seem like there's a lot of historical, cultural, and accurate details about the animated world, but that's far from being true. In fact, the writers and animators take painstaking effort to ensure their movies are as realistic as possible - even if they star anthropomorphic animals, toys, or other fantastical elements.

This list highlights some of the best details scattered throughout Pixar's library of films that are scientific, cultural, and accurate. The items were found by fans and posted on the MovieDetails subreddit. Check them out below, and if you spot something you didn't know about before, be sure to give it an upvote!

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    The Reason Gill Wants To Escape So Badly In 'Finding Nemo' Is Due To His Species

    From Redditor u/goingtodeletedis:

    In Finding Nemo (2003), Gill is a Moorish Idol. This species is known to not handle captivity well, so him being the one who constantly comes up with escape plans makes sense.

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    Colette's Scar In 'Ratatouille' Is A Common Mark Many Chefs Have

    From Redditor u/0fficialFish:

    In Ratatouille (2007), Colette has a scar on her wrist. The scars are actually from burn marks that chefs in real life have... I think.

    From Redditor u/needs2be:

    Awesome catch, that burn is from the top of the oven door or middle rack when you're moving too fast.

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    Bruce Never Knew His Dad In 'Finding Nemo' Because Sharks' Fathers Don't Stick Around

    From Redditor u/EitherARepostOrALie:

    In Finding Nemo, Bruce the shark starts crying when Marlin starts talking about Nemo, saying “I never knew my father.” Male sharks mate with the female then leave, so baby sharks never actually meet their father.

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    The Courtroom Scene In 'The Incredibles' Isn't Animated For A Legit Reason

    From Redditor u/elephant9200-another:

    In The Incredibles, the reason the courtroom scene is drawn as opposed to animated like the rest of the movie is because it is illegal to record in a courtroom without proper supervision.

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