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Insane Achievements In Video Games That Take Forever To Complete

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Gaming runs the gamut from simple rewards to crazy difficult achievements that take time, patience, and incredible skill to obtain. Kirby's Dream Land is one of the easiest games to 100% complete; it's a great place to start for beginners looking to jump into trophy hunting, or game completion in general. Though it may be easier and more enjoyable to go the easy route, it's much more rewarding to complete the more strenuous or difficult video game achievements. These are the achievements that go beyond the mundane of simply beating these insanely hard video games, or just achieving 100% completion in a tough game. Some of these achievements can be absolutely infuriating.

While the hardest achievements usually require hundreds of hours, there are some that can be completed in less than a minute (if you're supremely skilled). Still, most require a combination of both time and experience, and nearly all of them are an exercise in self-inflicted pain.

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    "Mr. Perfect" is an achievement in Mega Man 10 that you'd have to be crazy to attempt. There's nothing complicated about it, though, at least conceptually: just beat the entire game without getting hit once. To clarify, it's not beat the game without dying once, it's beat it without getting hit a single time. No matter how far into the game you are, you have to restart if you're hit once. It is the video game equivalent of banging your head against the wall.

  • The "My Kung Fu Is Stronger" achievement in Mortal Kombat requires at least 672 hours of gameplay. That's a long time to commit to anything, especially a fighting game. To achieve it, you have to win 100 fights, perform 100 fatalities, execute 150 x-rays, and spill 10,000 liters of blood for each of the 28 fighters. On top of that, you must play as each fighter for a full 24 hours. So even if you complete all those tasks before the 24-hour mark, you're forced to keep on fighting until you've sacrificed a full day of your life to every single character.

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    To be the "World Champion" of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, you literally have to attain a #1 ranking on the global leaderboard. Obviously, it's multiplayer only for this reason, but it's another achievement that requires you to be the best in the world at the game, even if it's only for a little while.

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    After you beat Dead Rising, you unlock Infinity Mode. In this mode, your health constantly depletes, which requires you to continually consume food, even if you're not getting attacked. For reference, if you were to let your health drain, you'd die in 20 minutes. To earn the "7 Day Survivor" achievement, you have to survive for 14 hours straight with no ability to save. You have to survive 14 hours straight in a setting that would kill you 42 times by starvation alone in that amount of time. Plus, you have to deal with ravenous zombies.