thought provoking Times You Didn't Know You Were Acting Insecure  

CE Hudspeth
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Look, no matter how confident you are, there’ll always be moments that make you question yourself. For some those instances come more often than others, but generally we’ve been taught to worry less about others, and focus on being our best self. It’s easier said than done, which is why you might have more insecure moments than you yourself even realize.

When you stared at the person who walked in, scanning them up and down

It’s just so you can compare yourself to them, physically.

When you get upset with someone for having an opinion that differs from yours

Especially if it was on social media and you like, blocked or unfriended then.

When you checked to see if your significant other checked out the person walking by

If they so much as peer in the vicinity of that person you’ll probably assume they were checking ‘em out.

When you were checking out your reflection in the window

Do this enough and eventually there’ll be someone on the other side trying to figure out what you’re staring at.