Thought Provoking Times You Didn't Know You Were Acting Insecure  

CE Hudspeth
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Look, no matter how confident you are, there’ll always be moments that make you question yourself. For some those instances come more often than others, but generally we’ve been taught to worry less about others, and focus on being our best self. It’s easier said than done, which is why you might have more insecure moments than you yourself even realize.

When you stared at the person who walked in, scanning them up and down It’s just so you can compare yourself to them, physically.

When you get upset with someone for having an opinion that differs from yours Especially if it was on social media and you like, blocked or unfriended then.

When you checked to see if your significant other checked out the person walking by If they so much as peer in the vicinity of that person you’ll probably assume they were checking ‘em out.

When you were checking out your reflection in the window Do this enough and eventually there’ll be someone on the other side trying to figure out what you’re staring at.

When you didn't like a picture someone posted of you on social media If you felt the image wasn’t flattering, you might even ask (or demand) them to remove it.

When you scrolled through someone's Insta and felt like they had a better life Lurking enviously, making sure not to accidentally ‘like’ something.

When you talk sh*t on someone to impress someone else Somehow when you’re insecure, talking down towards others can feel the same as lifting yourself up.

When someone you find attractive finds you attractive too You wonder if they have bad taste, and it might even slightly turn you off that they’re into you, if you don’t value yourself.

That time people laughed in a public place and you automatically assumed it was about you Especially if it’s as you walk in or right after you walk by.

When you delete your social media post because it didn't get enough reactions Was that stupid? Did I look dumb? Did everyone see it and even though I deleted it, are they making fun of me?

When you wore a new outfit and nobody mentioned it, so you wondered if it’s ugly Or, people do say nice things about it but you don’t know how to take compliments, or wonder if they’re joking.

When you thought that person’s post on social media was about you They say if the shoe fits, wear it, but sometimes even when it doesn’t necessarily fit, you wonder if someone is insinuating that it’s your size.

When you see a video of yourself and wondered, “Is that how everyone else sees me?” Not only how you look, but how you sound – many people can’t stand the sound of their own voice when they hear it played back.

When someone 'likes' your significant other’s picture on social media You might even ask who that person is and how they know them.

When you wanted to go to the pool but didn’t feel beach body ready Maybe you passed on going, or maybe you went and wore a shirt into the pool to remain covered.

When you weren’t comfortable working out in front of people in a crowded gym Exercise is required to get fit, but you’ve often got to be willing to do so around others.

When you blame your significant other for what an ex actually did to you The burden shouldn’t be on the new person for mistakes from the past, but often it’s difficult to forget.

When you can't stop feeling embarrassed about something You were wide awake, replaying the unfortunate moment in your head over and over.