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Nothing gets audience goers more invested than a movie franchise. One of the largest and most viewed franchises is history are action movies. With a cast of interesting characters, big fight scenes, as well as great storylines, it's really no question as to why. From unanswered questions to character quirks, some passionate fans managed to come up with some interesting theories within the most beloved action movie franchises.

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    Hans Gruber Never Meant For The Henchmen To Survive In 'Die Hard'

    From Redditor u/thistlemusic:

    Many people are aware of the 'plot hole' in Die Hard, where the ambulance get away vehicle wouldn't fit all of Gruber's henchmen and the money. It's too small. Of course, this wouldn't be an issue, as McClane killed the villains.

    We know that Gruber's plan was to bring the hostages up to the roof and blow it up, killing them. The police would assume Gruber was a terrorist and he and his men killed themselves in the explosion, and the ambulance getaway vehicle would slip away during the confusion outside the building.

    I think that Gruber's secret plan was to tell the henchmen to bring the hostages up to the roof, and blown it up, killing the hostages and his own men. This way, the police would realize the body count was more than the 33 confirmed hostages, and assumed the terrorists killed themselves. Gruber would get away with all the money, and he won't have to share it. That's why he didn't bring a bigger truck. He didn't need it.

    This was also the reason he was so worked up about getting the detonators back. His entire plan depended on having them.

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    The T-800 Asks For A Futuristic Gun In 'The Terminator' To Assess The Threat Level Of The Shop Owner

    From Redditor u/AngrySpock:

    I recently had a thought about Arnold's line in the gun shop scene where he asks for a "phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range." For a long time, I thought it was just kind of a joke since he's from the future, but I think there was actually a reason behind it.

    In the scene, Arnold can see each gun before he asks for it. He asks for the 12-gauge auto loader shotgun, and a .45 pistol with laser sight. He asks for his plasma rifle and the owner's response is "Hey, just what ya see, pal." He asks for an Uzi for good measure, then loads the shotgun and shoots the owner.

    Why would he ask for a gun that hadn't been invented yet? We know from Kyle that Skynet's records are incomplete which is why the T-800 doesn't know exactly which Sarah Connor to go after. It's reasonable to think that Skynet's records on the development and availability of weaponry were also limited in some way. Arnold asks for the plasma rifle because he isn't actually sure if it is available in this time or not.

    Now, a phased plasma rifle would probably make terminating Sarah pretty easy, but I don't think that's why he asked since any of the other weapons he selected would easily be capable of doing the job. The real reason he asked the gun shop owner is to make sure that the owner wouldn't be able to pose a threat to him when he stole all the other guns.

    When Sarah asks Reese if he can stop the Terminator, he says "With these weapons, I don't know," suggesting that in the future, there are weapons which can take down T-800s. When the shop owner confirms for Arnold that he doesn't have any phased plasma rifles hidden behind the counter, Arnold knows there is no threat to him or his mission and he can continue with his planned theft.

    His question was actually a technique to ascertain the threat level posed by the shop owner before he moved to shoot him.

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    The Bride And O'Ren Ishii Were Best Friends In 'Kill Bill'

    From Redditor u/AlBarbarian:

    TL;DR - Other than Bill's death, it seems that the only other death that truly affected the Bride was O-Ren Ishii's. That alongside many other clues lead me to believe that The Bride and O-Ren were very close, maybe even best friends during their years in The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad.

    Re-watching Kill Bill Vol. 1, I noticed a lot of possible hints that point to a very close relationship (close to calling them best friends even) between O-Ren and The Bride.

    Firstly, The Bride knows O-Ren's entire life story - the loss of her parents, how she killed Boss Matsumoto, how she became the top female assassin. Now one can assume that anyone in their type of business would know some of these facts about O-Ren's past, but she is the only assassin from both films whose background and current position is revealed extensively. The entire first movie is almost dedicated to her. The only other person on The Bride's list to receive as much development is Bill.

    One of the biggest hints to their friendship was the scene after The Bride kills Gogo. "Silly rabbit, trix are for kids." This could be a simple play on words in reference to The Bride's real name, but it seemed that that little phrase held special meaning to them (e.g. an inside joke). Note, she did not share any witty banter with any of the other assassins.

    Not only that, but the overall tone of the fight with O-Ren was a lot less vicious or aggressive. Granted they were fighting with samurai swords, but even their facial expressions weren't as angry, but rather somber. When they exchange words after The Bride lands her first blow, O-Ren pauses and goes on to apologize for ridiculing her earlier; not in the way Vernita Green "apologized" (begging for her life), but in a truly regretful and graceful manner. It should be noted that there was never any patronizing from The Bride, like there was with Vernita, or any aggressive "b*tchiness," like there was with Elle Driver. Both O-Ren and The Bride showed a mutual respect for one another.

    Leading to the final hint: The Bride's reaction when she finally lands the killing blow to O-Ren's scalp. Not once did The Bride turn around to look at her triumphant victory. She is instead facing the opposite way panting as if she was trying to cope with what she had just done. There was even a moment where she seemingly starts to turn and face O-Ren's lifeless body, but she walks away instead. Why would a highly trained, cold-hearted assassin react in such a way?

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    Hooper Was The One Who Vandalized The Amity Island billboard In 'Jaws'

    From Redditor u/SelectiveSanity:

    I've had this theory rolling around my head the past few years. Let me set the scene for you.

    Mayor Vaughn is complaining to Sheriff Brody and Matt Hooper about how somebody has vandalized the Amity Island 50th anniversary sign. While they're talking Hooper chips in.

    "Mr. Vaughn, what we are dealing with here is a perfect engine, an eating machine. It's really a miracle of evolution. All this machine does is swim and eat and make little sharks, and that's all. Now, why don't you take a long, close look at this sign."

    Its at this point in the film they know its a big shark and not the tiger shark some random 2nd fiddle background character caught. Hooper had always suspect the shark would have to be a big one after viewing the remains of Chrissie Watkins, and the tooth he found in hull of the sunken ship cemented it.

    And then Hooper finishes with this one line that always stood out to me.

    "Those proportions are correct."

    And he knows they're correct because he's the one who painted them on the billboard.

    Hooper is an intelligent man and he's smart enough to know Mayor Vaughn is more than willing to bury a few more Alex Kintners and Chrissie Watkins if it means the 4th of July weekend brings in tourist dollars for the town's economy. He knows Vaughn is worried that if the town doesn't have a successful season he'd be voted out office. And he knows Vaughn will say claim the shark they already caught was the main culprit and nobody could have thought there would be 2 man eating sharks. He knows no matter what he says to the man, he's not going to close the beaches.

    And he didn't graffiti the sign to scare him, he did it to scare as many people as he could out of the water. If you can't change the mind of the man in charge, inform the people of the problem they're dealing with.