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Here's What 'Action Heroes' Looked Like In Every Decade Of The 20th Century

Since the beginning of cinema, action movies have entertained audiences with adventure, excitement, and sword fights. But what really makes a good action movie? According to action star Danny Trejo, every good action film needs "bullets, blood, blades, and babes," but those preferences are relatively modern. Film technology has improved throughout the 20th century, and allowed action movies to attempt ever greater feats. Action in The Great Train Robbery may have enthralled viewers in 1903 because of its realism, but today, it definitely doesn't hold up as one of the greatest action movies.

Regardless of time period, a good action movie will always need a hero who can fight their way out of any tough situation. Whether they're a swashbuckling pirate, an international super spy, or an off-duty cop, they need to be ready to take on any threat. Though their occupations and styles have changed over the years, action heroes of the 20th century faced any danger that opposed them and were the figures who audiences strived to emulate.