Action Movie Fan Theories That Change Everything

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Theories about action movies may range from the absurd to the surprisingly viable, but they all share one thing: They're fun as hell. Believe it or not, there is actually a theory that puts the Die Hard movies in the same universe as the Pixar movies. And that might not even be the craziest one! From James Bond to The Matrix to Schwarzenegger to Jackie Chan, theories abound for virtually every action star, superhero, and franchise.

While the more believable action movie fan theories can be fascinating, the unbelievable ones are generally pretty freaking hilarious. Basically, you can't go wrong. Here are some of the wildest action movie fan theories on the web. 


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    Sean Connery's Character In 'The Rock' Is An Older James Bond

    Unfortunately, the Redditor who shared this thought-provoking theory that John Mason (Sean Connery) in The Rock is the former 007 has deleted their account, but it doesn't make the theory any less intriguing:

    "Sean Connery's character is James Bond. Think about it. He was once an agent of the British government who was discovered on a top secret infiltration mission in America. The British government instantly disavowed him. At one point in the movie, the FBI director says "This man does not exist in America or Great Britain". Acting under M16 protocol, he gave a fake name upon discovery. I mean, his name in The Rock is John Mason. Sounds pretty generic, doesn't it? This also ties in with the theory that James Bond is just a title passed from agent to agent."

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    'The Bourne Legacy' Is Hawkeye's Origin Story

    Redditor /u/learethak essentially asks the question, "How can Jeremy Renner be in the MCU and a Bourne movie?" The answer, apparently, is that he plays the same character in both:

    "How was Hawkeye able keep up with the Avengers and have such proficiency in a variety of weapons. Simple... Hawkeye is an escaped Treadstone agent.

    "Treadstone was yet another shadowy government agency with a super soldier program... testing yet another attempt to recreate the Super Soldier Program that produced Captain America. While it was not as successful as the serum used on the Captain, nonetheless Hawkeye/Aaron Cross was improved human with exceptional hand-eye coordination, stamina, cold weather resistance, etc.

    "We also know that SHIELD has a history of recruiting people with exceptional talents but dubious pasts and giving them a chance to do "good." Whom better then a former assassin?

    "This also further also helps explain why Natasha was able to break him free from Loki's grip is he already had experience shaking off programming/mind control from fighting off the Treadstone conditioning years earlier."

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    James Bond Is A Codename

    James Bond Is A Codename
    Photo: Skyfall / MGM

    There are actually quite a few variations of the theory that James Bond is just a codename, but as this former Redditor points out, that theory died down somewhat when we saw the gravestones of Mr. and Mrs. Bond in Skyfall. However, the theory lives on, and this particular one explains it by guessing 007 is brainwashed:

    "The suggestions of this reality are all there, with one standing above all the others: the relationship between Raoul Silva (Javier Bardem’s character), M (Judi Dench), and James Bond. Silva is a former MI6 agent who worked under M, before taking up the occupation of cyber-terrorist. Throughout the film, he repeatedly attempts to bond with 007, including referring to both himself and Bond as rats, held and tortured by M.

    "And this next part of my theory is a credit to Bardem’s acting, as it’s something I cannot capture through simple plot synopsis and analysis. There is an element to Bardem’s acting that not only ensnares you, but in which it appears that he has a secret he isn’t sharing. His grin, his eyes, his body language, and the way he lingers on certain words as he speaks."

    Basically, Silva's behavior is evidence of a formerly brainwashed spy who was driven insane by the manipulation, but has also evolved enough to recognize the tampering with his mind. Some Bonds have memories of their predecessors while others don't because some are more thoroughly brainwashed than others.

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    Theron Is The Boy In The Beginning Of '300'

    Theron Is The Boy In The Beginning Of '300'
    Photo: 300 / Warner Bros.

    Redditor /u/lalallaalal asks an intriguing question: "Why is Theron (Dominic West) such a traitorous douche nozzle?" This is the theory:

    "I was thinking about it this morning and I think that Theron is the boy getting beat down by Leonidas (Gerard Butler in the opening sequence.) This would explain why he's willing to sell his people out to the Persians. He's always hated the Spartan way of life because of how weak he was as a boy. He sees the Persians as a way to destroy the current way of life and build it in a way he sees fit."

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    Johnny Utah Of 'Point Break' Became John Wick

    Johnny Utah Of 'Point Break' Became John Wick
    Photo: John WIck / Summit Entertainment

    Redditor /u/itsbt offers a pretty lengthy theory connecting Keanu Reeves's characters from Point Break and John Wick, suggesting Johnny Utah could no longer be a man of the law after Point Break, so he turned to the criminal underground and became John Wick. Here's an abbreviated version of the theory:

    • Both characters are highly trained with weapons and have a similar fighting style
    • Both characters drive a classic Mustang (one a '69, the other a '70)
    • Both have the same taste in women: "short haired, fair-skinned brunettes"
    • Both John Wick and Point Break are connected to the universe of the video game Payday, so the two movies are connected through the transitive property.
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    'Predator' And 'Terminator' Share A Universe

    'Predator' And 'Terminator' Share A Universe
    Photo: Alien vs. Predator / Capcom

    David Israel Nunez Alvear offers a very long explanation linking the Predator and Terminator franchises, but it actually all comes down to one clue in a video game. Schwarzenegger's character from Predator (Dutch) never shows up again in the films, but he does show up in the game Aliens Vs. Predator, which takes place after the events of Predator, and identifies Dutch as a cyborg, codename CDS-170A3. The theory states that Dutch was used as the template for the first Terminator (model 101) made by Cyberdyne Systems, or CDS for short.