15 Times Movie Heroines Rescued Dudes In Distress

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The "damsel in distress" is one of Hollywood's most long-standing cliches - but let's not forget about "dudes in distress." Sometimes they need rescuing, too, and it's those very damsels - more than capable of fending for themselves - who often do the rescuing, giving their action-movie heroes a hand when the situation calls for it. After all, not every man is a crazy powerful action hero, and female characters certainly aren't so powerless that they simply need to sit back and wait for someone to save them. 

Whether they're the star of the film or a side character helping out the male star, capable female action heroes are here to stay. At the end of the day, no matter who's rescuing whom, all characters can unite in a common goal of kicking action movie villain tail.

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  • Elastigirl Travels Across The World To Break Out Mr. Incredible
    Photo: The Incredibles / Buena Vista Pictures

    After losing his job and desperately wanting to get back into performing super-heroics, Mr. Incredible is tricked by Syndrome into working for an employee of his. This leads to Mr. Incredible being captured by Syndrome and subsequently causes Elastigirl to go looking for her husband.

    Elastigirl swipes a jet and makes her way to the remote island where her husband is being kept, and her children stow aboard. They manage to survive a plane crash, and Elastigirl fights numerous armed guards and sneaks her way to where Mr. Incredible is locked up. Elastigirl reunited with Mr. Incredible right as a disaffected employee of Syndrome's is freeing him, and they make their escape together.

  • Leia Unfreezes Han And Saves His Life
    Photo: Star Wars: Return of the Jedi / 20th Century Fox

    It's clear from the first Star Wars that Leia is no typical damsel in distress. Sure, farm boy and Jedi-wannabe Luke Skywalker and the roguish flyboy Han Solo get to rescue a princess, but upon being freed from her cell in the Death Star, Leia grabs a blaster and takes over the mission. Then, after Han Solo is frozen in carbonite by Darth Vader and shipped off to Jabba the Hutt, it's Leia's turn to return the favor. 

    Leia stages a daring rescue attempt to break out Han in Return of the Jedi. Disguised as a bounty hunter, Leia takes Chewbacca as her bounty and brings him before Jabba to collect the reward. Leia proves she's fearless by threatening Jabba's life with a thermal detonator during their negotiations over the reward for Chewbacca. Then, after proving herself to be a true blue bounty hunter and seemingly earning the trust of everyone in the palace, Leia unfreezes Han in the middle of the night

    As every Star Wars fan already knows, Jabba has actually set up a trap and captures Leia during her rescue attempt. It's not until Luke shows up later that Leia is finally free, but, even then, it's Leia that delivers the killing blow to Jabba by wrapping her chains around his neck.

  • Black Widow Gives Her Life So Hawkeye Doesn't Have To 
    Photo: Avengers: Endgame / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    In Avengers: Endgame, the Avengers travel across space and time to gather the Infinity Stones. This brings old friends Hawkeye and Black Widow together to find the Soul Stone. After locating it, the duo is told by Red Skull that one of them needs to pay the ultimate sacrifice to get the stone. 

    Black Widow and Hawkeye are both heroes, so naturally, they both want to be the one to sacrifice themselves to save the other. Hawkeye knocks Black Widow down so he can jump off the edge of the cliff, but Black Widow fights back, ultimately leaving Hawkeye dangling off the cliff so he can't fall, and she can.

  • Diana Rescues Steve Trevor From His Sinking Plane
    Photo: Wonder Woman / Warner Bros. Pictures

    In practically any other film ever made but Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor would be the hero. Trevor is a dashing WW2 fighter pilot who moonlights as a spy for the British government. Yet in Wonder Woman, he's the one that needs rescuing. 

    Steve is on the run from the Germans when he crash-lands on the shore of Themyscira. Diana, AKA Wonder Woman, is on the coast as he makes landfall, and she quickly dives into the water to save him. Diana pulls Trevor onto the sand just in time to see a fleet of Germans attacking. Luckily, Diana's fellow Amazons fend off the onslaught.