Action Movie Villains Who Actually Made A Good Point

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When you're watching an action film, it's only normal to want to see the good guy triumph over the bad guy, but in some cases, you may not be sure why you should be rooting for the protagonist aside from the fact that they're presented as "good." In many cases, action movies feature justified villains who were right all along. 

Not every villain in action history is motivated by something good. In many cases, they're greedy, or they have a nebulous evil plan you'd be a fool not to root against. The action villains collected here all have a motivation people can understand. Some of them are suffering from the loss of their families, others see an unfairness in the world and want to put a stop to it. A justified action villain is just committing a misdeed that doesn't really hurt anyone.

Just because these villains made a good point doesn't mean they should be emulated or even lauded. Each and every one of them carried out horrific acts in the name of their initially good point, which is why they remain villains.