The Best Action Movies to Watch on Uppers

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If you've ever experimented with uppers, then you know action movies can be an excellent film choice if you're looking for a flick to match your mood. If you've been prescribed Adderall or ingested any other substance that has you hyped up, here are a list of movies to watch on uppers that should keep you out of trouble while indulging your need for speed. 

Fun movies to watch on uppers include those that appeal to your wild side. These action films are more of the intense variety. They allow you to live vicariously through characters who are able to engage in the kind of adrenaline pumping behaviors that may feel tempting right now. From car chases to epic battles, these movies should help quell your need for action from the comfort of your couch.  If you're in need of some fast paced movies to watch on uppers, you've come to the right place. 

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