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Bad Action Movies With One Amazing Scene

10 Mar 2020 5.9k votes 873 voters 33.2k views14 items

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What makes a good action movie? Strategically placed action - not lots of it, just enough. Also, plot - we have to be invested in the characters and their motivations to care about all of those backflips, bullets, and blood. The right balance of action and story is hard to achieve. Unfortunately, there are a lot of films that miss the mark; they either become subpar, guilty pleasures, or downright unwatchable.

Given the amount of money, work, and time that go into moviemaking, it’s not uncommon for a generally bad movie to have one good or even fantastic sequence. These films are worth watching just for those undertakings alone. It’s almost as if the filmmakers were so pleased with a part that they worried less about the whole. For example, The Phantom Menace, for all its faults, has arguably one of the best lightsaber battles in Star Wars history, and Thor: The Dark World (one of the MCU’s worst entries), still succeeds in delivering a thrilling finale. Shade will be thrown and fingers waved, but some bad action movies still have one amazing scene.

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