The Most Rewatchable Action Movies

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Action movies that you've watched multiple times and continue to enjoy

Is there such a thing as comfort movies when it comes to action films? This is a list of action movies we keep watching, even when there are newer, more intense, or overall better action films to watch. Because it doesn't have to be good to be a rewatchable action movie, you just have to love it.

These are the movies we own multiple copies of, so if they're not available on streaming, we can still get our fix. Some of the greatest action movies, like The Dark Knight and The Matrix, have obvious rewatch value. Or, you love Bruce Willis so you end up watching Sin City as often as Die Hard. But then there are movies like Face/Off that are just much-loved guilty pleasures.

It doesn't matter why you like rewatching action movies, only that you love to watch them again and again. What action movies do you think are the best to rewatch?

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