16 Action Movies With Zero Downtime

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The whole appeal of an action movie is, well, the action. While other elements can elevate an action movie, fans will often be satisfied as long as they are engaged by what they are seeing the entire time. This means that some action movies decide to crank the dial up to 11 in terms of having no chill, just to ensure they aren’t losing the attention of their adrenaline-seeking audiences.

Just because a movie is mostly action doesn’t mean it’s bad. Sometimes fans would rather see action than Oscar-worthy drama. Even when an action movie is considered “bad” in terms of critical response, a bad action movie can still be a lot of fun. A well-choreographed fight scene can often make up for a lacking script.

Some of these movies are critical darlings, and others weren’t so well received. They all have one thing in common: each of these films leaves the audience little time to catch their breath between intense action sequences.