The Best Action TV Shows In 2019 

Molly Gander
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List Rules Any new or returning action television series that aired new episodes during the 2019 calendar year.

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A really good action television series catches us up in its spell. This list looks at the best current television action series that that will be airing new episodes in 2019. The best action series in 2019 include dramas, superhero shows, and (of course) horror - because running from monsters definitely delivers the action. Which are the best new and returning action shows in 2019?

The best action series in 2019 include quite a few superhero shows, from returning series like Arrow to new live-action comic book TV shows such as Doom Patrol. Other great action series airing new episodes in 2019 include scary shows like The Walking Dead and The Passage - one about zombies, the other about vampires. But not all action comes at a supernatural price, several 2019 action series are also good ol' crime dramas. There are even action comedies with shows such as YouTube Premium's Wayne.

Which television action series are you going to watch in 2019? Keep the top of this list action-packed by voting up the best new and returning action TV shows to air in 2019. Then, check out the action shows airing in 2020.

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