The Best Action TV Shows in 2020

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Any action television series that aired new episodes during the 2020 calendar year.

UPDATED: Check out the Action TV Shows airing new episodes in 2021!

This list looks at the best current television action series that that will be airing new episodes in 2020. The best action series in 2020 include dramas, horror, superhero shows, spy thrillers, and even a fast-paced time travel. Which are the best new and returning action shows in 2020?

A really good action television series catches us up in its spell and shows like The Walking Dead have kept us on the edge of our seats for ten years, though newer shows such as Jack Ryan are just as action-packed. Superhero shows and comic book TV series are both big parts of the best action series in 2020, including series such as The Flash and The Boys. Other great action series airing new episodes in 2020 include action sci-fi shows like The Expanse and Doctor Who. But not all action comes at a nerdy genre price, several 2020 action series are also good ol' crime dramas, like Blue Bloods and Hawaii Five-0.

Which television action series are you going to watch in 2020? Keep the top of this list action-packed by voting up the best new and returning action TV shows to air in 2020.

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