Actors and Actresses Who Died in 2016


Car accidents, drug overdoses, and other surprising deaths make up the bulk of the actors and actresses who died today. The actors who died in 2016 are not only going to leave a dark spot on the world of cinema, but they’ll be genuinely missed by their fans. When an actor dies, no matter how old they are, or hard they party, it’s always a shock. And when you read that someone you cherish and admire has passed away, it can be a hard pill to swallow. Here are the actors and actresses we lost in 2017

Celebrity deaths today are happening at a more rapid procession, either because there are more celebrities or because as we get older, that’s just what happens. Rather than searching the web for what actor died today, keep checking back here where we’ll be updating this list of dead actors with celeb obits (with photos) as 2016 moves along.

To find out which actor died today, look no further than this list of actors and actresses who died in 2016. We’ll be making constant updates about celebrities who just died so you don’t have to look like a maniac that’s constantly looking up “what actress died today” while you’re at work. These recently deceased people will surely be missed by their friends, family, and fans, and this list is a place to remember the famous actors who died in 2016. When you're done, check up on the 2019 actor deaths.