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Dead Actors and Actresses of 2015

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It’s time to say goodbye. This list of famous actors and actresses who have died in 2015 is a complete list of those stars who have left Hollywood and finally gone to a better place. A roster of the celebrity actors who have passed on this year, continuously updated as actors die, including all the actresses who have ODed, the actors who died in accidents, and the personalities who died of natural causes in 2015.

If you're wondering what famous actors and actresses have died in 2015, this sad list is the place to find out. Here, you’ll find every actor who’s shuffled off this mortal coil this year. From Old Hollywood movie stars to beloved TV personalities and famous Broadway thespians, these are the acting icons we lost in 2015. Some were legendary cinematic greats, Oscar winners, and beloved child stars. Others were lesser-known bit players, scandal-tinged celebrities, or up-and-comers. All of them made an impact, in one way or another, on the big and small screen.

2015 actor deaths are complete on this list, but check out Celebrity Deaths 2015 for other entertainers and famous people who have left this world. You’ll also find links to obituaries for each deceased actor across a multitude of other news sites and magazines. You can also keep up to date with our list of 2019 actor deaths.

What actor died today? (Hopefully none!) But if they did, they'll be on this list. Don't be too sad. Every time an actor dies, heaven gets another star. RIP!

  • Photo: Unowhoben / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    October 13, 2015: Bruce Hyde, best know for the role of Lt. Kevin Riley on the original Star Trek, passed away from throat cancer at the age of 74. Hyde went on to appear in shows like Dr. Kildare and The Beverly Hillbillies, before leaving acting to become a theater and communications professor at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota.

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  • Photo: CBS/Screen-Gems/Pat McDermott / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    September 6, 2015: 83-year-old TV veteran Martin Milner passed away at his home in Los Angeles. Milner got his start in entertainment in movies like 1947's Life with Father and 1949's Sands of Iwo Jima with John Wayne. But by 1952, he had successfully transitioned into a regular on television screens.

    He appeared on popular shows like Dragnet before landing a starring role in CBS's Route 66 in 1960. He spent four seasons in the classic Chevy Corvette. In 1968, he got his seminal role as LAPD officer Pete Molloy in Adam-12, where his portrayal was said to have inspired generations of future police officers to join the force. 

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  • Photo: Unknown / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    September 4, 2015: Silent film actress Jean Darling passed away at the age of 93. Darling's most memorable role may well be her first. She played Jean in Our Gang in the early 1920s when she was just four years old. She later went on to appear in more than 45 other silent films. Darling also originated the role of Carrie Pipperidge in Carousel on Broadway. She most recently appeared in the 2013 short silent film called The Butler's Tale.

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  • Photo: Desilu Productions / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    September 3, 2015: Laugh-In's "sock it to me" girl Judy Carne passe away at the age of 76. Carne's career in entertainment began in the UK, where she made a name for herself as an actress and comedian. She had roles in TV shows like Bonanza, Gunsmoke, an The Patty Duke Show before landing her most memorable part in Laugh-In. Carne's character became famous for getting splashed with water every time she said her "sock it to me" catchphrase. Carne was also married to actor Bur Reynolds for two years in the mid-1960s.

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