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Actors You Would Watch Read the Phone Book

Updated 22 Jul 2020 300.0k votes 26.5k voters 202.9k views238 items

List RulesMale actors that you could watch do just about anything, even read the phonebook

List of actors who you would watch do something as mundane as read the phone book. Some of these guys are leading men, considered some of the best actors of all time, and other are great character actors, known for their ability to become completely different people each time they are on camera. A few are just charming, or maybe "interesting," whatever that means. Others on this list are just quirky weirdos known for their off-screen antics as much as their actual acting. Maybe they would liven up the phonebook a bit? It's not always ads for fireworks and prostitutes.

Vote for those actors you think would be fun to watch doing just about anything. If not read the phonebook, maybe they could do the news, or the weather. Be sure to add any who are missing, and click 'rerank' below to make a list of your own.
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