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Here's How Much Money Actors Make Per Episode Of Your Favorite Shows

We all know that successful TV actors can demand a huge payday, but if you broke it down, you may be shocked at how much they make per episode. Back in the 1990s, the cast of Friends famously renegotiated their contracts, and each of them walked away with a cool $1 million for every show. The paychecks they earned opened doors for actor TV salaries to soar, and nowadays, most television stars earn in the six figures for each episode they film.

In general, comedy actors get higher salaries than dramatic actors. Both broadcast television and streaming services like Netflix and Hulu seem to have equally deep pockets, doling out hundreds of thousands of dollars to an actor for a single episode. Still, it's more than a little jaw-dropping just how much take-home pay these stars receive. If you've ever asked yourself "What do TV actors earn?", you just may be shocked at the latest numbers.