Actors And Actresses Who Died In 2021

UPDATED: Check out the actors and actresses who died in 2022. 

This is not the happiest way to start of the year, but inevitably, as time passes, there will be more recent Hollywood deaths. If you were wondering about famous people that died today, this is the list to check. This page will always be updated to show which, if any, actors died today. If you've ever found yourself asking, "Which actor died this week?" then you may want to bookmark this page. 

Though it's easy to imagine the heroes of our screens as immortal, there sadly will be movie stars that died in 2021. It's just a part of life. Documenting recent notable actor deaths is something we take no pleasure in, but we want to make sure you are up to date on which actor passed away. This list answers questions such as, "Which actor died recently?" and "What celebrity died yesterday?" If you were wondering which actor died yesterday - and on the same date last year - you can look up those morbid anniversaries by checking out older lists, such as actors and actresses who died in 2020

Here we will keep track of Hollywood deaths 2021, while also telling a little bit about the famous person we have lost. Wondering who died this year? Tanya Roberts, of That 70's Show and Charlie's Angels, is one of the first actors who died in 2021. 

Read more about recent actor deaths below, and bookmark this page if you’d like to keep track of the dead actors from 2021.