The Best Actors And Actresses Whose Whole Thing Is Their Voice

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More than a few of Hollywood's most renowned actors achieved fame, in part, because of their distinctive voices. James Earl Jones, for example, has a voice that's both silky and deep which has garnered him roles as a narrator and voice actor. In fact, the older A-list star is even set to voice Mufasa in the live-action version of The Lion King in 2019. Other talented performers use their melodic vocals to carry entire film projects, like Scarlett Johansson did with Her; or to portray cartoon voices, like Tom Hanks did with Woody.

Indeed, a powerful voice can make a career, and the best actors and actresses with noteworthy tones are rarely without a high-paying role. Which actors have the best timbres, though? Who would never have made it without the striking sounds of those vocal cords?

  • James Earl Jones
    1,063 votes

    The iconic voice of James Earl Jones resonates with deep, velvety tones that envelop listeners in its rich timbre. His commanding vocal presence has given life to unforgettable characters like the menacing Darth Vader and wise Mufasa. With a skillful control over pitch and cadence, James Earl Jones' voice has become synonymous with power and gravitas.

  • Morgan Freeman
    1,059 votes

    Morgan Freeman's distinctively warm and smooth voice is instantly recognizable and evokes feelings of comfort and reassurance. His articulate narration style makes him a sought-after choice for documentary voice-overs and lends an air of wisdom to every project he touches. Freeman's voice has an ageless quality, imbuing each word with grace and dignity.

  • Christopher Walken
    756 votes

    With his unique rhythm and idiosyncratic speech patterns, Christopher Walken's voice is one of the most distinctive in Hollywood. His unusual pauses and enunciation create an unmistakable vocal cadence that can convey both whimsy and menace in equal measure. Walken's voice is full of character, allowing him to inhabit a wide range of roles with ease.

  • Sean Connery
    679 votes
    Dec. at 90 (1930-2020)

    Sean Connery's rich, Scottish-accented baritone registers as equal parts authoritative and charming. His confident delivery and charismatic inflections contributed to making him an unforgettable presence on screen, particularly when portraying the legendary James Bond. Connery's voice exudes refinement and sophistication, making it truly unforgettable.

  • Tim Curry
    703 votes
    Age: 77

    Tim Curry's voice is a delicious blend of sensuousness, mischief, and elegance. Equally adept at playing sinister villains and roguish heroes, his sultry tones and impeccable diction add a layer of allure to every performance. Curry's talent for elevating any role with his versatile voice has made him a fan favorite.

  • Patrick Warburton
    650 votes

    Patrick Warburton's deep and soothing voice is often described as having a confident yet approachable tone. His dry, deadpan delivery has become a staple in his comedic performances, granting him the ability to convey humor with subtlety. Warburton's voice carries a distinctive resonance that remains immediately identifiable.