Actors From Our Favorite Holiday Movies - Then Vs. Now



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Vote up the actors in holiday movies who still give you feelings of festive nostalgia.

Every holiday season brings the promise of comforting traditions. As we plan to gather with those we love, we also look forward to celebrating with good food, fun entertainment, and our favorite holiday movies to cap off the festivities.

Some movies remain dear to us because of their heartwarming stories that remind us of childhood and fill us with a sense of holiday spirit. Other times, it's the controversial attention that came with the classic films that draw us back to revisit. 

Either way, the plotlines, characters, and cinematic ambiance are so familiar that we sometimes forget the actors who played them aren't frozen in time with their notable film appearances. When we do stop and consider how they may have aged, comparing their current personas with the ones ingrained in our memories can be a jarring experience. Still, every now and then, seeing where they are in life has the power to reinforce that deep sense of nostalgia we felt for our favorite holiday stars all those years ago. 

This list revisits some of the celebrities from well-loved holiday movies, giving a present-day spin on the faces we've grown to recognize as part of our annual traditions. Vote up the actors whose holiday movies still give you feelings of festive nostalgia.