The Best Actors in Live-Action Comic Book TV Shows

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These are the actors that found that sweet spot, that portrayed these modern day gods and goddesses right. They brought our favorite comics to the small screen, weekly, for us to enjoy. These are our favorite actors from shows based on comic books.

TV should be the perfect place for comic book lore. TV lends itself perfectly to arch of storytelling, allowing the characters to have much more screen time to build out their individual, complex stories. A handful of actors relish the challenge and excel in their live-action TV shows.

So why are most superhero shows so, so, bad (well... maybe not all of them)?

Tone. It's a fine line between cheesy and believable and giving the audience what they want out of their favorite comic book characters. A huge chunk of that is up to the writers and directors, but the rest lies in the hands of the actor. These are the best actors to star in a live-action comic book TV show.
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