Actors in the Most Robert Altman Movies

Robert Altman is known for making dramatic films with large, ensemble casts. He has worked with many great actors and actresses on multiple occasions. In 2006, Altman won an honorary Oscar for his many contributions to cinema. This list of actors who have been in the most Robert Altman movies has been ranked by number of appearances, then loosely ranked by fame. 

Who is the actor who has worked with Robert Altman the most? Shelley Duvall tops the list. She worked with Altman on a total of seven films including Nashville, 3 Women, and Popeye. Duvall credits Altman with helping her develop as an actress. She says, “Most of what I've learned about acting - and a lot of what I've learned about life in the past seven years - was taught to me by Robert Altman.” Bert Remsen also worked with Altman on seven movies.

Elliot Gould has worked with Robert Altman on five films including MASH, The Long Goodbye, and The Player. Jeff Goldblum and Lily Tomlin both worked with Altman on Nashville and The Player as well as several other films.

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