Actors in the Most Robert Rodriguez Movies

Robert Rodriguez is known for directing fun-filled action movies, often with a Latin twist. He has worked with many great actors and actresses, some on multiple occasions. He turned one well-known character actor into a bonafide action star with a movie that started out as a joke. This list of actors who have been in the most Robert Rodriguez movies has been ranked by number of appearances, then loosely ranked by fame.

Who is the actor who has worked with Robert Rodriguez the most? Danny Trejo tops the list. Trejo and Rodriguez have teamed up a total of nine times. Trejo moved into the leading man role for the Machete films, which actually started out as a joke trailer for the Rodriguez/Tarantino Grindhouse films. Antonio Banderas has also worked with Rodriguez on several films including Desperado, Spy Kids, and Four Rooms.

Several famous actresses have also appeared in multiple Robert Rodriguez films. Salma Hayek has worked with Rodriguez on seven films and Jessica Alba has worked with him on five films including Sin City and Machete Kills.

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