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Actors And Actresses Who Look Crazy Young In Movies And TV Thanks To CGI

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For decades, Hollywood has placed a premium on actors who look younger than they are. And despite actors like Liam Neeson and Bruce Willis spearheading a resurgence of the old-men-who-kick-butt genre, Hollywood still balks at the idea of making many romantic comedies starring overweight 75-year-olds. Actors and actresses have always needed to either pray plastic surgery doesn't turn them into a stiff-faced monster, or transition into different (and arguably better) roles.

Thanks to dramatically improving de-aging technology, Tom Cruise can presumably continue making Mission Impossible movies right up until the end. Although if Rogue One's crazy CGI has shown us anything, Cruise could probably perform mind-bending stunts posthumously. If you don't already know these actors - or haven't spent hours online staring at their photos - you might not realize when a movie has significantly de-aged them. That is until you put their digitally altered photo against a current picture - the change is often shocking.