The Best TV and Movie Robots (and the Humans Who Play Them)

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When an actor hears that they're performing like a robot, that's usually not a compliment. But in these cases, the opposite proves true. 

From Anthony Daniels, the man inside C3PO's golden suit, to Yul Brenner, who played the robotic (and psychotic) gunslinger in Westworld, to Alicia Vikander, whose role in Ex Machina brings an entirely new aesthetic to cinematic artificial intelligence, these actors bring humanity to robotic roles.

How would you rank these robot performances? Does Ah-nold's role as The Terminator trump the Fembots of Austin Powers, as far as robot movie characters go?  What about the creepy Stepford Wives? And what of Tricia Helfer's Number Six from Battlestar Galactica? And let us not forget (never forget!) the role of Vicki, the unintentionally annoying TV android from Small WonderWhether you think this list covers all the best robot movies, it's hard to deny that the talented actors named here breathe life into these bots.

Here we give you memorable movie robots and TV robots. Now it's your turn to rank 'em.

Photo: Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope / 20th Century Fox